Thunderclap! Magazine – Issue 8

The writing has been submitted, chosen and edited, the magazine has been put together, and the press release has gone out for Thunderclap! Magazine – Issue 8. This issue was an interesting one for us because while we get to see some of our regulars like John Swain, John J. Trause and Catfish McDaris, we […]

“But When You Get Music and Words Together, That Can Be a Very Powerful Thing.”

My man Bryan Ferry was spot on.  Nothing has ever mattered more to me in my life except words and music. Oh, and I suppose my husband squeezes in there somehow. And maybe mum and dad. But music and words have made up most of my life. In April 2001, I finally got my driver’s […]

Wait, You Want Us To Send You Submissions?

It’s true!!! We are ready to accept submissions again for our next issue that will come out in late October.  Our next issue will find you writing about the theme of music.  Some of you may know that I would have never gotten into writing if it weren’t for music.  I began writing songs, really […]


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