Allergies & Writing

Since National Poetry Month left us, Spring has come in with a bang. A really, gigantic, big bang of pollen and grass.  It was in the first week of May when “it was all yellow”.  I hope your affection for Coldplay doesn’t run too deep.  Hello, old friend.  My buddies; weed, pollen and grass, were […]

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Gets Going

…was my favourite song by Billy Ocean when I was six years old, without a doubt. And no matter how old I get, if I’m feeling down, I always hum along to this song and it usually makes me feel better. The going gets tough for all of us.  The world we live in has […]


Well folks, it’s been quite a few weeks accepting submissions for Thunderclap Five.  The issue is growing too large so I’m going to have to cap submissions today.  I apologize to all those who were planning on submitting but didn’t get the time.  This is going to be a kick-ass issue so look forward to […]


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