“But When You Get Music and Words Together, That Can Be a Very Powerful Thing.”

My man Bryan Ferry was spot on.  Nothing has ever mattered more to me in my life except words and music. Oh, and I suppose my husband squeezes in there somehow. And maybe mum and dad. But music and words have made up most of my life.

In April 2001, I finally got my driver’s license. I was 17 and on top of the world.  I was driving home from a party and felt like I had lost the love of my life for almost a year.  Yes, I was a little ridiculous.  I was going down the highway with all the windows down when Procol Harum’s song Whiter Shade of Pale came onto the radio.  This was my mum’s favourite song.  After my gran died, every time my mum listened to this song she would instantly burst into tears in front of me.   She had done it so many times in my childhood that it wasn’t awkward or surreal at all;  it was something I knew she had to do.

So I burst into tears too that night. I got it.  That’s just music.

This one is for all the music lovers. Our Seventh Edition is now available by going here for $10.  It features writers such as Parker Tettleton, Howie Good, David Tomaloff, Meg Tuite, Susan Tepper and many others. Lots of thanks to Robert Vaughan for helping with submissions and Ryan W. Bradley for his great designs.

Love it and it will sing to you.

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One thought on ““But When You Get Music and Words Together, That Can Be a Very Powerful Thing.”

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